Becky & Liz Stuck's Ancestry

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Prepared by: Charles A. Stuck
2637 S. Riviera Dr.
White Bear Lake, MN 55110-4923
(651) 429-5518
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February 14, 2000

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NOTE:These pages present ancestral information for my wife and me in as much detail as I have been able to accumulate during 50 years of fun and frustration learning how to find it. Most of the direct ancestry has been thoroughly documented; citations to that effect will appear in the endnotes. For the anecdotal information on various collaterals, I'm grateful to precursors and cousins who have made their own important contributions.

Table of Contents

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Want to see information on an individual? Clicking on his/her last name will take you to that person's part of the master index. It's a big file (so are some of the individuals' files) so please allow a little time for them to come up.

Aston, Blindry?, Bumberger, Cocke, Cockerell (-ill), Cockerill, Cockrill, Davies, Dillard, Doodes, Dunbar, Deloney, Evans, Fox, Gamble, Gerett, Girault, Gittens, Goodloe, Goodlowe, Gudloe, Hainline, Harding, Hill, Hurt?, Jenkins, Jones, Jones?, Lewis, Long, Minor, McCullough, Nethery, Phillips, Protheroe, Rith(-in), Roberts, Robertson, Scherff(-in)?, Short, Smith, Sorger(-in), Southall, Spain, Steinler(-lin), Stock, Stuck, Tanner, Thomas, Turner, Unknown, Vipond, Vivian, Williams, Yost

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