Rev. Albert Theodore Goodloe, M.D.

(June 23, 1833 - February 22, 1912)

23 Jun 1833 He was born in Maury County, TN, near Zion Church, Mt. Pleasant.(1)

1837 "Very soon after Mother died, brother and I were carried to Grandfather Goodloe's in Tuscumbia, AL, and started to school there."

1841 "When I was about 8, Uncle Robert A. Goodloe became our guardian and we moved to his home 20 m. west of Tuscumbia, where we went to school at Franklin Academy in Uncle Robert's neighborhood. We attended his Methodist Church at Pleasant Grove."

1848 "Brother David and I were sent to B. F. Minor's school in Albemarle Co., VA, where we lived with Uncle Paul near Charlottesville."

Oct 1850 Matriculated at the University of Virginia.

14 Dec 1851 With other students, joined the Presbyterian Church near the University of Virginia, Mr. Wales, minister.

Jun 1852 Finished at the University of Virginia.

Oct 1852 Matriculated at "Medical College in Richmond, VA."

Mar 1853 Awarded an MD by Hampden-Sydney College.

Apr 1853 "Returned to Alabama to visit my family for the first time since 1848, then to Shelby County, TN, to see Brother David who had married and settled there, having left Virginia in 1851."

May 1853 Was a Delegate from the Society of Alumni of the Medical Department of Hampden-Sydney College to the Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association in New York City.

1853 Took a position as Assistant Physician in the Flatbush (NYC) Hospital and attended medical lectures at New York Hospitals.

Fall 1853 Visited David in west TN, intending to spend a short time then go to New Orleans to practice in a hospital until the following spring. However, "Brother was on the eve of going to Arkansas to buy land, and having time to spare, and wanting to be with him, I decided to go to Arkansas also. While there we both bought land in St. Francis Co., Ark.(2) and thus the tide of my life was turned."

01 Jan 1854 "I went back to Ala and told Uncle Robert what I had done. Whereupon he gave me my property, and on the 1st of January 1854 I took possession of an Ark. farm and settled down to farming."

Jan 1854 Paid a total of $3,999.29 for land, livestock and equipment. Began with 16 slaves, later valued at a total of $11,700.

1854 "...during the year 1854, my home then being in Arkansas..."

21 Feb 1855 Bought 160 acres in St. Francis County, AR, from John Srum for $600.(3)

29 Nov 1855 "On Nov. 29th 1855 I was most happily married to Miss Sallie L. Cockrill of North Ala., and she took charge of my Ark. bachelor home."

1855 "...I became fascinated with worldly amusements..."(4)

18 Feb 1856 Bought 936 acres in St. Francis County, AR, from Jas. Kimbrough for $7,500.(5)

23 Jan 1857 His first child, Granville, born "near Forrest City, Ark."

20 Apr 1857 Bought 480 acres in St. Francis County, AR, from Trustees of the Boston & Mississippi Land Company for $4,300.(6)

29 May 1857 "Ambrotype taken at Taylor's Creek, Ark., by Mr. Ridley."

08 Jun 1858 Second child, Hill, born "near Forrest City, Ark."

29 Jul 1858 He wrote to his wife at Tulip Grove, near Nashville, TN, whom he had apparently just left: "Crops splendid. Cotton except in the poor places is about six feet high, and boles [!] nearly large enough to open. Corn tolerable."(7)

09 Oct 1858 Bought a medical book, Keating's Churchill on Children, in Memphis, TN(8)

03 Jul 1859 He wrote to his wife: "That night about eleven, Isaiah woke me up to go down to the lower place(9) to see Jake who, when arriving there, I found with his nose cut in two at the lower end, and the slices hanging down over his thick lips, somewhat disfiguring his ordinary good looks. I put his two pieces of nose together and took several stitches on them. I have seen him once since and he says they are getting well."(10)

13 Sep 1859 He delivered their third child, Louisa, in Tennessee.(11)

Dec 1859 "On my way home from Ark. to N. Al. where my wife and children were ..." he stopped in Memphis to attend the theater. From relatives who were also attending the theater he learned of Hill's death. He had a powerful religious experience and, as a result, "I turned my back upon all worldly forms of pleasure, and have ever since ... had only an abhorrence and contempt for them."(12)

Jan 1860 "Her health could not however stand that climate,(13) and in the winter of 1859, or rather Jany. 1860, we moved to a home that I bought near the Hermitage, Tenn. in the edge of Wilson County, from Mr. Tom Shute."

Fall 1860 They lived in Davidson Co. "nearly 4 mi. from Dodson's Chapel."(14)

02 Apr 1861 Granville and Loulie were baptized at Tulip Grove, at that time the residence of James R. Cockrill.

28 Apr 1861 His wife joined the church at Dodson's Chapel, Union Circuit, Davidson County TN.

07 Mar 1862 Louisa died in Athens, (Limestone) AL, on the way to Huntsville to be with Aunt Harriet Turner (Mrs. Calvin Goodloe).

14 Apr 1862 Stunned by the fall of Fort Donelson, "I took my family to Uncle Calvin's in North Ala. and on this date I left them having enlisted in the 35th Ala. Regiment, Co. D."

06 May 1862 Mrs. Goodloe wrote to "Dr. A. T. Goodloe" with Robertson's Regiment, Corinth, MS.(15)

25 May 1862 Mr. Williams is taking care of "the plantation in Ark." according to Mrs. Goodloe's letter to her husband.(16)

21 Jul 1862 Albert Theodore, Jr., born in Franklin Co., AL.

03 Aug 1862 Mrs. Goodloe wrote from Tupelo, MS, to tell her husband of the birth of their third son.(17)

1862 "...after a few months wife went back home..."

26 Apr 1865 He surrendered at Greensboro, NC, but according to his obituary he never really gave up. He wore the Confederate Grey the rest of his life.

25 May 1865 "The war being ended, I joined my wife and children."

"after war" "By the war I was involved in debt, and thought best to sell my place(18) and go to my farm in Ark. I traded it to Mr. Jas. R. Cockrill, but rented it the year 1866, in the fall of which year we moved back to Ark."

28 May 1866 James Rush born, Wilson Co., TN.

15 Sep 1867 Theodore and Rush baptized "at our residence in St. Francis Co., Arkansas."

22 Feb 1868 Sallie Louise born "near Forrest City, Ark."

08 Aug 1868 "While practicing medicine in Arkansas where we had returned after the war, I attended District Conference in Jonesboro..." Attending as a Lay Delegate, he became dissatisfied with the proceedings and slipped away. On the way home, he felt an irresistible call to the ministry. He later described it as a hard decision because he had "a fine farm, a lucrative practice of my profession, 4 children and the best of wives." "All," he later wrote, "I placed on the altar."

21 Sep 1868 He was licensed to preach by Presiding Elder J. M. Steel at Taylors Creek, Arkansas.

09 Nov 1868 At Jacksonport, AR, he was "admitted to Conference ... on trial ... into the Travelling Connection."(19)

26 Mar 1869 Sallie was baptized "at our home in Arkansas."

Sep 1869 "In 1869, the health of wife and children became so precarious, that I asked for, and obtained a transfer to the Tenn. Conference."

17 Oct 1869 Became pastor of the Duck River Circuit.

06 Jun 1870 Granville baptized at the Methodist Church in Culleoka, (Maury) TN.

19 Aug 1870 Emily Frances born at Culleoka, (Maury) TN.

11 Oct 1870 Ordained as Deacon at Pulaski, TN, by Bishop David L. Doggett.

08 Oct 1871 Ordained as Elder at Lebanon, TN, by Bishop George F. Pierce.

03 Apr 1873 Alberta Mary born in Livingston, (Overton) TN.

25 May 1873 Alberta baptized "at the church I am preaching in Livingston, TN."

28 Oct 1875 Martha Laura born in Montgomery Co., TN.

07 Jan 1876 Martha baptized "at Antioch Circuit parsonage which we then occupied."

19 Feb 1876 Paid $106 taxes on 968.33 acres of St. Francis County, AR, land valued at $5,080.

01 Apr 1878 Rush joined the church at Asbury Circuit.

16 Dec 1878 Twin sons Leslie and Walter born in Montgomery Co., TN.

04 Apr 1879 Leslie and Walter baptized "at Asbury Circuit parsonage which we then occupied."

14 Apr 1879 Sallie joined the church at Asbury.

Feb 1881 Bought Hartshorn's Principles and Practice of Medicine.(20)

23 May 1881 Lizzie Mannie born in Williamson Co., TN.

13 Aug 1881 Lizzie baptized at our rented home in Williamson Co., TN, "in the Douglass Circuit which we were then serving."

04 Oct 1881 Fannie and Alberta joined the church in Bethel - Douglass Circuit.

1888 Leslie, Walter, and Lizzie joined the church in Bethel.

Spring 1893 "It was during my pastorate at Chapel Hill Circuit in Marshall Co., TN, that Fannie got sick." "There 2 years." His journal mentions that he nursed her in the doctor's absence and gave her "some treatment."

Fall 1893 Left Chapel Hill Circuit and came to Sumner Circuit.

31 Dec 1894 Fannie died in Sumner Co., TN.

Jan 1895 Lived at Sumner Circuit Parsonage, Sumner Co.

29 Jul 1896 Walter died in Sumner Co., TN.

02 Aug 1896 Louise baptized at Sumner Circuit Parsonage.(21) "My first grandchild."

28 Jul 1902 "... our parsonage at Cheap Hill."(22)

26 Apr 1904 Baptized grandson James Granderson Harris in Nashville.

1904 Purchased a home, named it Mount Repose. Mrs. Goodloe had not been well and they wanted a place to settle down.

19 Dec 1905 Retired from the ministry.

31 Mar 1908 Sallie Louise Cockrill Goodloe died near Nashville, TN.

late 1911 Traded Mount Repose to Robert Bratton for a city lot in Nashville.

22 Feb 1912 A. T. Goodloe died. Buried in Nashville's Mt. Olivet Cemetery.


1. Most of the information in this chronology comes from A. T. Goodloe's own notes in the many journals and reminiscences he left. Other sources are cited where used.

2. Near Colt in Telico Twp?

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11. I have found no information as to whether he attended the delivery of their previous two children.

12. Previous letters suggest he was already a practicing Christian. He apparently was concerned that Hill's death was a judgment upon his theater-going, dancing and social drinking.

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