Charles Abram Stock/Stuck

My great-grandfather, Charles Abram Stuck, has been difficult to trace. His father died shortly after moving with his family from Pennsylvania to Ohio. His mother subsequently married a man who had children by a previous wife, whereupon he and all his siblings but the youngest were put out with relatives and neighbors. I've only recently found documentation of his birth in Lancaster County, PA, under the name Abraham.

This outline is a considerably condensed version of a full chronology which has sources cited and name variations highlighted. As long as I am able to do so, I will send copies of the complete version to interested family members who send $2.50 for copying and postage costs. Name and address information can be found below.

  • 11 Sep 1816: Charles' maternal grandfather, Abraham Bomberger, bought land in Springport, Mountjoy Township, Lancaster County, PA.

  • 29 Dec 1832: Abraham Stock, first child of Benjamin and Christiana Bomberger Stock, was born in Lancaster Co., PA, probably in Mountjoy Township. He was baptized the following February in Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in nearby Elizabethtown.

  • 1833: Benjamin Stock, blacksmith, was assessed with personal property in Mountjoy tax lists. Abraham Bomberger appeared on the same lists from 1826 to 1835.

  • 24 Jan 1834: Elizabeth Stock, second child of Benjamin and Christiana Stock, was born in Pennsylvania. She was baptized three months later at Mountjoy Church.

  • 23 Apr 1836: John McLaughlin of Bloominggrove township and Margaret, his wife, deeded to Benjamin Stock and Abraham Bumbarger two tracts of land in Richland County, OH.

  • 08 Jun 1836: Barbara Stuck, third child of Benjamin and Christiana Stock, was born in Pennsylvania.

  • 25 Sep 1837: Mary M. Stuck, fourth child of Benjamin and Christiana Stock, was born in Richland Co., OH.

  • 06 Apr 1839: Benjamin Stock of Richland County, OH, was issued Private Entry Certificate No. 11160 from the Lima, OH, land office for 120 acres at the rate of $1.25 per acre.

  • 04 May 1839: Catherine Stock, fifth child of Benjamin and Christiana Stock, was born in Ohio.

  • 1840: Benjamin Stock does not appear in Richland or Mercer Counties in the 1840 Census. He does not appear in 1840 census indices for either Pennsylvania or Ohio. The family at that time: Benjamin (31), Christiana (29), Abraham (7), Elizabeth (6), Barbara (4), Mary (2) and Catherine (1). Abarham Bumburger was listed in Bloominggrove Twp., Richland County, OH. The household contained only females.

  • 22 Aug 1841: Benjamin Stock died of "milk sick" in Mercer Co., OH, leaving his wife and five young children.

  • 03 Sep 1850: Abram Stuck and his younger sister Catharine appear in the Federal Population Census with their Bumbarger grandparents in Harrison Twp., Van Wert County, OH, where the Bumbargers owned land. Abram's age is given as 14.

  • 27 Jul 1859: Christopher LeBlond sued Abraham Stuck in Mercer County, OH, Common Pleas Court for payment of the balance due on his boarding there. LeBlond says Stuck is a non-resident of the state and a resident of the state of Illinois.

  • c1860: Charles A. Stuck moved to Watseka, IL, then called Middleport. He was not found in the 1860 Federal Population Census for Iroquois County.

  • 15 May 1862: Charles A. Stuck married Margaret Ann McCullough at Prairie Farm, near Morocco, Newton County, IN. They went to live in Watseka the next day.

  • 14 Mar 1864: Their first child, Flora, was born in Watseka. The family was apparently living in very modest circumstances. They did not appear on Iroquois Republican's 11 Apr 1866 list of people having income over $500 as of 1864.

  • 1866: Watseka's first Court House burned, with the loss of many county records.

  • 26 Aug 1866: Their first son, Elmer Charles, born in Watseka. This son was referred to as "Charles" in the 1880 census.

  • 1867: C. A. Stuck was assessed with Lot 14, Block 18 with a valuation of $40 for the lot, $250 for improvements and with Personal Property valued at $124. Total tax: $27.29. Stuck & Snedd assessed for $760 Personal Property. Tax: $50.16.

  • 21 Oct 1869: A third child, Sammie, born.

  • 17 Jun 1870: Listed in the 1870 Federal Population Census as Furniture Manufacturer in the 4th Ward, Watseka, with $1200 Real Estate and $1500 personal Property.

  • 06 Oct 1870: Sammie died.

  • 24 Jun 1871: Charles Stuck, Councilman, was mentioned in the Iroquois Times of this date.

  • 08 Oct 1871: The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 began this date, a Sunday. Margaret A. Stuck said she could see "a red glow in the northern sky" that night.

  • 28 Jun 1872: A fourth child, Willie, was born. This is my grandfather. He later shortened his name to Will and took the middle initial R.

  • 29 Jun 1872: Advertisement for his Planing Mill first appeared in the Iroquois Times. The ad ran regularly until 19 Apr 1873.

  • 04 Sep 1872: Chas. A. Stuck, Alderman, 4th Ward, was listed in The Daily Times roll of city officials until 26 April 1873.

  • 1874: Iroquois Times article in 16 Apr 1875 issue lists CAS among delinquent 1874 taxpayers. He owed: $8.22 for Lot 14, Block 18; $2.04 for Lot 16, Block 33; and $6.14 for Lot 6, Block 4.

  • 19 Feb 1875: A fifth child, Lucius Tarleton, was born.

  • 1875: The economic "Panic of 1873" is felt in Watseka as "The Crash.".

  • 28 Sep 1877: A sixth Child, Maggie Lena, was born.

  • 29 Sep 1877: Elmer Stuck listed in Iroquois County Times as having perfect attendance in Miss Baker's room III for the first month of school.

  • 05 Jun 1878: "Stuck's Planing Mill" is mentioned in an article in the 08 Jun 1878 Iroquois County Times as "an establishment in which there is more 'shaving' done than any barber shop." The context suggests it was near the M. E. Church.

  • 01 Oct 1878: Lucius F.[!] Stuck, aged 3, died.

  • 31 Jan 1880: Charles Stuck of Iroquois County bought a Lot in Oak Hill Cemetery.

  • 03 Jun 1880: Listed in Federal Population Census. Occupation: "Works in Planing Mill." Residence: "Watseka, that part lying in Middleport Twp." The enumerator's margin notes suggest the residence was on Mulberry, off 5th.

  • 03 Sep 1881: Article in Iroquois County Times: "Chas. Stuck, and son Elmer, were up from Danville last Saturday to see the dear young folks at home."

  • 1881: Danville City Directory: "Stuck, Charles A, carp, sw cor Depot and Williams, bds 75 Hazel."

  • 08 Oct 1881: Article in Iroquois County Times: "After twenty years residence in Watseka, C. A. Stuck and family left for Danville yesterday. Mr. Stuck has a permanent position in one of the manufacturing establishments there."

  • 1883: Danville City Directory: "Stuck, Charles A, planing mill, se cor Williams and Depot, res 49 Hazel." C. Elmer and Miss Flora Stuck are also listed as residing at 49 Hazel.

  • 1884-1886 Danville City Directory: "Stuck Charles A, planing mill cor Williams and Depot, res 107 n Hazel." "Elmer C, machine hand C A Stuck, res 107 n Hazel." "Miss Flora Stuck, res 107 n Hazel."

  • 1885: Published The Rossville (IL) Press for about one year. Rossville is about 18 miles north of Danville.

  • 26 Jan 1886: Moved his family to Harrisburg, IL.

  • 25 Dec 1888: Visited Jonesboro, AR, seeking a new location. Was shown land on Madison near where Krewson would later come through and agreed with A. L. Krewson to buy it for his Planing Mill.

  • 05 Feb 1889: Moved his family to Jonesboro, AR.

  • 27 Apr 1889: The "Great Jonesboro Fire."

  • 14 Jun 1889: "C. A. Stuck & Son, proprietors of the new factory and lumber yard, are now ready for business and respectfully solicit your orders for anything in our line. We keep constantly on hand ceiling, sideing, flooring, mouldings, doors, sash, blinds and finishing lumber. Cypress, Pine and Poplar. Also dry cypress framing lumber and shingles. We are prepared to furnish on short notice all kinds of turnings, brackets, doors and window frames, store fronts. [ ] work a specialty. Varanda columns and turnings. Saws of all kinds gummed at reasonable prices. Jonesboro, Arkansas."

  • Oct 1889: C. A. Stuck helped organized Jonesboro's First Presbyterian Church and was ordained first Ruling Elder.

  • 08 Feb 1895: C. A. Stuck executed a brief holographic will.

  • 26 Aug 1898: Charles Abram Stuck died suddenly of apoplexy in Jonesboro, AR.

(These informal notes are intended to pass along what I've found out thus far. A footnoted copy with all sources indicated can be had on request. See below for name and address.)

Compiler: Charles Stuck, Jr.
2637 S. Riviera Drive
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14 February 2000

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