Louisa Marie Turner

  • 1817: She was born, probably in Huntsville, (Madison) Alabama.(1) Her parents were Sugres Turner and Rebecca DeLoney.(2)

  • 29 Jan 1835: She was married to Granville LaForce Cockrill.

  • 11 Dec 1835: Her first child, Sterling Turner Cockrill, was born near Tuscumbia, (Franklin) AL.

  • 01 Dec 1837: Her second child, Sarah Louisa Cockrill, was born near Tuscumbia, (Franklin) AL.

  • 05 Nov 1839: Her third child, Mary Elizabeth Cockrill, was born.

  • 14 Oct 1841: Her fourth child, John LaForce Cockrill, was born.

  • 24 May 1844: Her fifth child, Washington Pike Cockrill, was born near Tuscumbia, (Franklin) AL.

  • 03 Sep 1846: Her last child of this marriage, Granville LaForce Cockrill II, was born.

  • 23 Sep 1846: Her husband, Granville LaForce Cockrill, died near Nashville, (Davidson) TN.

  • 10 Aug 1848: Her youngest son, Granville LaForce Cockrill II, died.

  • 24 Sep 1848: Her oldest son, Sterling Turner Cockrill, died.

  • about 1850: She married A. H. Southall.

  • about 1851: A daughter, Iola Southall, was born. Iola later married and lived in Holly Springs, MS.

  • 29 Sep 1855: Her eldest daughter, Sarah Louisa Cockrill, married A. T. Goodloe "at the residence of A. H. Southall in Allsboro, AL."(3) (Franklin County) A note in Sallie's memory book from "your loving mother" is signed "L. M. Southall."

  • 09 Oct 1859: She appears to have been still living in Alabama.(4)

  • 01 Feb 1860: A. H. Southall bought 296 acres of river bottom land in Crittenden County, Arkansas, from Branton C. Crump and his wife. The deed was conditioned on Crump being allowed to live on the premises until 01 December before turning them over to Southall.(5)

  • 02 Feb 1860: A. H. Southall bought 140 acres in Crittenden County from J. G. Berry and his wife.(6)

  • 05 July 1860: A. H. Southall "of Alabama" bought 149 acres in Crittenden County from James G. Berry and his wife.(7)

  • about 1860: She and her family moved to Arkansas "just before the war."(8)

  • 27 Apr 1861: A. T. Goodloe wrote "Our Dear Mother" from Green Hill, TN, asking her to come to Nashvile where "we shall all be together as soon as possible ... considering the dreadful times." He sent "very much love from us all to Squire, Iola, Dillin &c."(9)

  • 11 May 1861: Louisa wrote Sallie, datelined "Western," that "a gentlemen came from Marion and called to Mr. Southall ..." She referred to Mr. Southall as "your Pa" and spoke of "our new church at Marion."(10)

  • 1862: Southall made four additional land purchases during this year. On 12 March and 29 April he was identified as "of Crittenden County."(11)

  • 15 Oct 1862: While on the road from Mississippi to Alabama, A. T. Goodloe met a man from Crittenden County, Arkansas, who lived near the Southalls. He said Mrs. Southall had "recently died." (12) She was buried in Marion, (Crittenden) AR.(13)


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    2. Most of the information in this chronology comes from Granville Goodloe's family history files. While his sources are not cited in all extant versions, I have seen from reviewing his files that he worked with a great many original sources. As they appear, they will be added to these notes.

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